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Sourcing Vietnam



Vietnam GSC - Sourcing Vietnam services:

  1. Factory introductions (by email)

We identify factories matching your requirements. We provide you with information about these manufacturers with all the necessary contact details so that you can communicate directly with them. We guarantee that the supplier we introduce are able to make your product and will reply to your email. This is our most basic Sourcing company in Vietnam service. Quick, cheap and reliable way to get in touch with factories you can trust.

  1. Factory visits

We take you there! We are happy to arrange for you to visit the factories and escort you during the visits for guidance and translation.

  1. Costing

We work with the factories to get pricing based on your specifications in full transparencty. After the introduction you directly with the supplier for the final order negotiation/confirmation. We require a target price to allow us to yield better results. We are a local sourcing company in Hochiminh, Vietnam, not a buying agent.

  1. Merchandising

If you need follow up support. We manage sampling, approvals, production planning, shipping documentation and more. The goal is to get you a final landed price and samples for approval. We interpret your original ideas and work with factories to figure each component and how to put it all together. This is our full service sourcing company in Vietnam offer. Our service fee is based on a fix amount, or a commission.

  1. Factory assessments

We perform audits visits to the factories to evaluate the level of social & environmental compliance. We perform compliance assessments of the factory you choose to evaluate the level of social & environmental compliance. We produce a comprehensive report with pictures as well as a CAP (corrective action plan)

  1. Cousulting for factories

We provide guidance to factories/investors to improve quality and productivity as well as social and environmental compliance

  1. Consulting for investors

We are local, so we know procedures for legal, logistical and business advice for investors who want to setup a factory or buying office or conduct and other activites in Vietnam

We have worked on projects in following industries:

- Apparel

- Furniture

- Laser cut wood & Packacging

- Handicraft

- Corrugated paper boxes, rigid boxes

- Software development

- Data programing

- Etc

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